GC Biotech – Clean pathogen DNA kit

Clean pathogen DNA kit

The Clean Pathogen Kit is designed for high throughput and reliable isolation of high quality host genomic DNA, gram positive and negative bacterial DNA, fungal spore DNA, and viral DNA and viral RNA from tissue, urine, serum, and fecal samples. The kits protocol is fully scalable and due to the use of our magnetic bead purification technology, can besides manual usage, easily be automated once the samples have been lysed on liquid handling workstations (e.g. Hamilton STARTM, Thermo KingFisherTM Flex, Applied Biosystems® MagMAXTM, Qiagen BioSprint, and other liquid handling instruments).


The system combines the CleanNA technology with our specially formulated buffer system to eliminate the binding of PCR inhibiting compounds, present within the samples, onto our magnetic particles. Following grinding and lysis, the Nucleic Acids are bound to our CleanNA Particles surfaces. The CleanNA magnetic particles are separated from the lysates by using a magnetic separation device. Following
a few rapid wash steps to remove trace contaminants, the purified DNA is eluted from the CleanNA particles for downstream applications using an elution buffer.

Features and benefits

  • Organic Solvents free NA extraction;
  • Isolated Nucleic Acids are directly suitable for downstream applications;
  • Isolation of Nucleic Acids form a wide variety of sample types, including tissue and feces;
  • Kit includes the Clean Disruptor Plate(s) for optimal sample homogenization;
  • Designed for automation.


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